Hiring for diversity is more than looking at gender

Diversity includes diverse backgrounds, perspectives and personality profiles

In today's world, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in their workforce. While gender diversity has been a focus for many years, hiring for diversity goes beyond just gender. Companies should also be looking for individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and personality profiles to complement their existing team and bring new ideas and ways of thinking to the table.

Irrespective of hiring for Culture Fit or hiring for Diversity, the team should start with the question: What are we trying to achieve? What types of behaviors do we need to be able to deliver upon our objectives? When recruiters are able to effectively align individual profiles with the culture that supports the company's strategic goals, they become a true strategic partner to the business.

Hiring for Culture Fit

Hiring for culture fit is not just about finding candidates who have similar values and beliefs as the existing team. It's crucial to carefully consider which traits align with your company's strategy and support its competitive position. For instance, in the case of big 4 consulting companies, the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment is a crucial trait. This trait helps individuals to avoid burnout, handle pressure, and help the company to remain competitive. 

That being said, if a big 4 would have a completely homogeneous workforce they will also struggle to remain relevant as delivering innovative solutions is an important part of their value proposition. If everyone on your team thinks and acts the same way, you may miss out on new ideas and ways of working that could help your organization grow and evolve. And that is where hiring for Diversity kicks in!

Hiring for Diversity

It is widely acknowledged that diversity in the workplace can bring numerous benefits, including improved creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. And to be competitive, companies should consider this on a strategic level. However, there are 3 things to take into account: 

Firstly, identifying which diverse profiles are necessary to achieve objectives while considering which traits can realistically co-exist in individuals can be challenging for recruiters and hiring managers. Our team at Psylent can provide guidance on which traits should be uniform for the team and which ones would complement or oppose the team's behaviors. Example: The big 4 consulting company may need employees who can handle a fast-paced environment while also having a mix of highly creative individuals and those who bring structure and predictability.

Secondly, after successfully hiring a diverse team, the next crucial step is to ensure that new employees feel welcomed, supported, and included. Oftentimes companies fail to create an inclusive environment because they do not hire for diversity with intention, and neglect to provide employees with the mandate to be their authentic selves at work, highlighting the need for companies to think strategically about managing diversity. 

Thirdly, the management of a team with diverse personalities can pose unique challenges for managers due to potential conflicts in personalities and communication styles. As individuals may have varying approaches to tasks, decision-making, and idea communication, misunderstandings and disagreements may arise. It is essential for managers to gain a deep understanding of team members' similarities and differences. 

But we need to remember the benefits outweigh the risks and challenges!

So, Which Approach is Right for You?

Ultimately, the decision to hire for Culture Fit or Diversity will depend on your organization's goals. Psylent offers a solution to ensure that companies are hiring for diversity in the right way! Don't limit diversity to just gender, contact us today to get started.