Lunch & Learn

Empowering Managers in the Era of Internal Mobility

What to expect

Gain insights into the evolving landscape of careers and the increasing importance of self-awareness and skill development. Discover strategies for identifying areas for personal growth, recognising when it's time to make a career shift, and effectively navigating the complexities of managerial or leadership roles.

Key Takeaways

  1. Workplaces are in a constant state of flux. Flexibility and ongoing learning hold greater significance than adhering to a predetermined career trajectory. In today's corporate landscape, organisations start to prioritise skills over job titles and potential over educational pedigree. This underscores the importance of individuals taking control of their own career growth and trajectory. Self-awareness becomes a critical factor in enabling this self-directed approach to career development

  2. It's crucial to understand your unique value creation profile, which encompasses your inherent strengths and areas requiring development. If the disparity between your profile and the job requirements becomes too substantial, it's entirely acceptable to consider moving on and seeking opportunities that align more effectively with your strengths and aspirations

  3. Transitioning into a leadership role introduces added complexity, as one must adeptly navigate paradoxes. Consider a situation where you have a natural inclination to drive change. However, it's crucial to recognise that unceasing change can result in an overworked, stressed, and stretched workforce. As a leader, it becomes imperative to skilfully navigate the delicate balance between change and stability, as well as between a focus on people and results.