Lunch & Learn

Understanding Your Stress Type: A Personality-Centric Approach

What to expect

In the wake of COVID-19 and the subsequent economic challenges, HR professionals, especially recruiters, have faced significant stress. This session empowers individuals, regardless of their role or industry, to understand stress triggers and discover effective coping strategies.

Key Takeaways

  1. The factors that trigger healthy stress are closely tied to individual personalities. For instance, an introverted individual might feel stressed in noisy or crowded environments. On the other hand, someone who values predictability may experience stress when faced with last-minute changes.

  2. When we encounter unhealthy stress, our behaviours can often contradict our usual tendencies. For instance, individuals who typically focus on the big picture might excessively dwell on details, while those who are usually more spontaneous might become overly planned and structured.

  3. The most effective approach to managing stress involves enhancing your resilience by developing your adversity quotient (AQ). When confronted with unhealthy stress, it's crucial to contemplate three options: quitting, maintaining the status quo, or seeing it as an opportunity for growth and choosing to climb. Opting to climb doesn't demand knowing every step to take; instead, it's about identifying the initial action required. Taking it one step at a time is key.