PSYLENT x NTU: Understand your Unique Archetype to Enhance your Job Search

What to expect

In this webinar, we delve into the importance of self-awareness for students and provide a deeper understanding of various archetypes. Additionally, we explore the significance of recognising your archetype when pursuing job opportunities, revising your resume, and undergoing interview processes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Becoming self-aware of your own innate abilities is essential for making informed career decisions. Students who find a job that fits their profiles are more likely to experience job success in the first few years of their career.

  2. Within an organisation, employees are tasked with generating value. Depending on your unique archetype, certain approaches to value creation will feel more innate than others. Recognising your inherent tendencies is crucial, as it can facilitate your path to success, particularly during the initial stages of your career.

  3. Once you've identified your archetype, you can assess your compatibility with a team or organisation. When your preferred approach aligns with the company's value creation style, we term it "hiring for culture fit." If there's a degree of convergence between the two, it's termed "hiring for culture add." Conversely, if your archetype and the company's perspective on value creation are diametrically opposed, it falls under "hiring for profile diversity."