Creative Achiever

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You value achievement, delivering results and being decisive. You tend to be assertive, driven and determined. Complementing your competitive nature, is your inclination to be adaptive, experimental and inquisitive. You value autonomy, flexibility and being different from others.

At Work

You prioritise generating output, swift responsiveness, and having a degree of freedom to experiment with concepts. Your assessment of others is based on their outcomes, rather than solely on their level of effort.

You enjoy taking charge, establishing ambitious objectives, and surmounting challenges. You thrive on swiftly achieving tasks and outperforming peers. 

Furthermore, you delight in innovative thinking, embracing risks, and spearheading change. Your flourishing comes from envisioning the future and engaging with groundbreaking concepts.

Your Culture Fit

Someone with your profile naturally integrates well with teams that are primarily characterised by an emphasis on building new and differentiating offerings.

Three key characteristics:
  • The work environment is characterised by its rapid pace, productivity, achievement of results, entrepreneurial mindset, and sense of autonomy.

  • Effective communication involves being direct, making clear decisions, and asserting oneself. It may also be energetic, vibrant and visionary; 

  • Team members are innovative go-getters, impatient to get things done and achieve goals. 

Thriving generally comes more easily within a culture aligned with your profile. However, you can choose to work in a different environment. If you do, make sure you have the mandate to express your authentic self in the workplace and communicate effectively about any differences in values.

Stand out as a Creative Achiever archetype in your job search

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