Efficient Teamplayer

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You value fairness, respect for each other and being socially responsible. You tend to be inclusive, considerate and tactful. Complementing your collaborative nature, is your inclination to be disciplined, rigorous and realistic. You value stability, order and being careful.

At Work

You prioritise employee engagement, active participation in decision-making, and maintaining an effective, quality-oriented approach. To you, embracing a constructive methodology holds greater significance than rapid results. Ensuring error-free outcomes is imperative, as failure is not within your consideration.

You derive pleasure from collaborative endeavours and the establishment of harmonious connections. Your true potential shines when you aid others, reinforce the team, and contribute to the growth of fellow team members. Additionally, you relish structured processes, precise work, and thorough attention to detail. Your optimal performance comes to the forefront when meticulously analyzing facts and adhering to a systematic approach.

Your Culture Fit

Individuals with your profile seamlessly align with teams that strongly prioritise predictability and standardisation, while also placing a significant emphasis on investing in the engagement and development of team members.

Three key characteristics: 
  • The work environment embodies harmony and collaboration, striving for outcomes devoid of errors and embracing gradual, yet enduring, changes; 

  • Effective communication is tactful, prioritising understanding and attentive listening. It may also take on a detailed manner, offering comprehensive explanations supported by facts; 

  • Team members are team builders who encourage communication and coordinators who emphasise quality, compliance, and processes.

Thriving generally comes more easily within a culture aligned with your profile. However, you can choose to work in a different environment. If you do, make sure you have the mandate to express your authentic self in the workplace and communicate effectively about any differences in values.

Stand out as an Efficient Teamplayer archetype in your job search

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