How to prepare your resume and cover letter as an Achiever?

Three mountain tops with a red flag at the summit representing Achiever archetype icon

Highlighting your most relevant experiences in a resume and cover letter is logical, yet it's equally essential to genuinely depict your profile. By incorporating distinctive facets from your archetype, you can effectively convey your profile and fit, setting yourself apart from the sea of standardised and impersonal applications.

As the Achiever archetype you value competition, decisiveness, and being fast. You want to move ahead in life, “play to win”, and seize the right opportunities. You enjoy having passionate debates, being challenged, and getting things done. You tend to be assertive, driven, and determined. 

Here are 5 valuable inclusions that can effectively highlight your qualities within your resume and cover letter:

  1. Highlight in your resume the career goals you have accomplished thus far, utilising concrete figures whenever feasible (e.g., user count, sales objectives, market expansion); 

  2. Emphasise the significance of a work environment focused on achieving results quickly, reflecting your need for productivity and responsiveness to clients; 

  3. Demonstrate your ability to work productively, surmount challenges, and remain resilient in the face of stress; 

  4. Convey your ambition and provide examples of occasions where you exceeded targets; 

  5. Illustrate your capability to instigate rapid change by motivating individuals forward through direct and assertive communication.

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