How to prepare your resume and cover letter as a Balanced Innovator?

A weighing scale with a light bulb to represent Balanced Innovator archetype icon

Highlighting your most relevant experiences in a resume and cover letter is logical, yet it's equally essential to genuinely depict your profile. By incorporating distinctive facets from your archetype, you can effectively convey your profile and fit, setting yourself apart from the sea of standardised and impersonal applications.

As the Balanced Innovator archetype you value autonomy, flexibility and being different from others. You tend to be adaptive, experimental and inquisitive. Complementing your creative nature, is your ability to balance the need to work together and achieve results. 

Here are 5 valuable inclusions that can effectively highlight your qualities within your resume and cover letter:

  1. Highlight in your resume the distinctive qualities that set you apart from the norm, showcasing what makes you truly unique and unconventional; 

  2. Emphasise the importance of an entrepreneurial work setting, providing you with ownership over your tasks and a certain level of autonomy; 

  3. Demonstrate your capacity to tackle complex challenges, exhibit creative thinking, engage in experimentation, and embrace continuous learning; 

  4. Showcase your capability to initiate projects by skillfully balancing both a people-oriented approach and a results-driven mindset

  5. Demonstrate your ability to provide both support and challenge simultaneously, thriving when collaborating towards a collective victory.

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