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You value fairness, respect for others, and being socially responsible. You want “to do good” for the community and the environment. You are concerned with long-term impact and sustainability. You enjoy building genuine interpersonal relationships and communicating well. You tend to be inclusive, considerate, and tactful. 

At work

You care about employee engagement, participation in decision-making, and friendships. For you, experiencing a constructive approach is more important than achieving results quickly. 

You enjoy collaborating and building harmonious relationships. You flourish when helping others, strengthening the team, and developing team members. 

Your Culture Fit

Someone with your profile naturally integrates well with teams that are primarily characterised by an emphasis on investing in people, their engagement, and growth. 

Three key characteristics: 
  • The work environment is characterised by harmony, fostering an exceptional work-life balance and facilitating sustainable change; 

  • Effective communication is practised through tactful interactions that prioritise understanding and attentive listening to fellow colleagues;

  • Team members are loyal team builders, actively seeking consensus and coaching others. 

Thriving generally comes more easily within a culture aligned with your profile. However, you can choose to work in a different environment. If you do, make sure you have the mandate to express your authentic self in the workplace and communicate effectively about any differences in values.

Stand out as a Teamplayer archetype in your job search

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