Lunch & Learn

Leveraging AI and Data throughout the Recruitment Cycle

What to expect

In this webinar, we'll explore two critical facets for today's recruiters: Leveraging internal data to enhance your grasp on talent requirements and navigating the assessment of AI-enabled vendors.

Key Takeaways

  1. When assessing whether we're measuring the right elements in the recruitment cycle, start by asking a crucial question: What are the strategic objectives of the business? It's essential to keep in mind that values and competency models are not the end goal but rather a means to an end for achieving the strategy.

  2. A successful recruitment process often involves a phased approach. As you progress, the depth and precision of assessments should increase. Each phase should seamlessly build upon the previous ones, creating a holistic view. It is advisable to compare data gathered in the recruitment cycle with candidates receiving an offer, successfully completing probation, their performance, satisfaction, and turnover.

  3. When evaluating AI-based vendors, it’s essential to understand the technology they use, the biases they actively mitigate, and the data policies they have in place.