Lunch & Learn

The Power of Profile Diversity in High-Performing Teams

What to expect

Building high-performing teams requires a conscious effort to embrace diversity of profiles. It entails strategically hiring the right individuals and fostering an inclusive organisational culture that not only accepts but also thrives on diverse perspectives. Understanding the strategic thinking behind selecting the right profile and identifying the necessary capabilities within the organisation are key to unlocking its full potential.

Key Takeaways

  1. Embracing diversity holds promise as research indicates that companies with diverse leadership produce greater innovation revenue, while teams with cognitive diversity demonstrate faster problem-solving abilities. However, effectively managing diverse teams to unlock the potential poses a considerable challenge.

  2. The webinar emphasises the importance of profile diversity, highlighting the need to strategically consider not only the value diverse profiles can bring but also the environments they will be placed in.

  3. When seeking profiles that contrast with the existing culture, it is essential to consider the degree of difference a person possesses. For instance, it may not always be necessary to hire individuals who score highest on being structured; sometimes they simply need to be "more structured." Furthermore, it is also important to continue hiring individuals who share certain aspects of the existing culture to facilitate seamless integration.